After fight treatment

In these days, it is not easy to stay calm, balanced and positive. We tend to argue more. No wonder, we are full of pressure. Lots of us do not have a job. We have nowhere to release our anger. The fitness centres are closed, the pubs are closed, the shops are closed (shopping can be very underestimated therapy). We end up spending even more time at home with our flat mates, partners or even alone. What to do, when we have a big fight with the loved ones, then?


  • Talk – the conversation is the key. Expression of the feelings might be difficult thing to do, but it also can be very helpful, if we do it right. Do not forget, there is always two people in an argument. And you shouldn´t be trying to just snap back, but you should really want to understand, what is the problem about. Remember, there is no winner or loser in a couple’s argument. There is either two winners, or two losers.
  • Create a space – sometimes we are not able to talk straight away and we need a little bit of space to move on and open the topic again. Even if you do not have anywhere to go, you can always just take a walk or go for jogging. These are great ways of cleaning up your mind and thinking things through.


Get intimate – Sometimes, or very often, the conversations do not make us a good job. We might want to say something, but we are not able to express it the way we would like to. That is why, the acts are very often more appreciated. Your partner might not be in a mood for sex right after the fight, but they might be up for intim massage. Even after an argument, we want to feel our partners near us. We want to feel their love and their touch. Sex might be too much, but the intimate massage might be exactly the right amount of touches, proximity and feelings. And of course, you never know, where it can lead.